Hotal Mortgage Loan

Hotal Mortgage Loan

  • What is hotel Mortgage Loan ?
  • As a business owner, setting up a new hotel or restaurant chain, or maintaining your existing one, can call for considerable investment. Bank helps you to stock up raw material and pay for property, license and permits, equipment, personnel, furniture, renovation, marketing, etc.

  • Features and Benefits
  • 1. Large financing made affordable: - With loans up to Rs. 30 lakh available at a low interest rate, financing a hotel or restaurant is now affordable and hassle-free.

    2. Flexibility:- A Flexi Loan facility enables you to withdraw funds as you need and repay them as per your business’ financials. Pay interest only on what you use and lower your EMIs by up to 45%.

    3. Collateral-free loans: -Approved in under 24 hours with just 2 documents needed for application, these loans are not just easy to avail but also unsecured so that you don’t have to pledge any personal or business asset to get funds.

  • Documents Required
    • 1. 3 Years Audited Financials with IT Return, Computation & Detailed Audit Report
    • 2. Last 12 months bank Statements
    • 3. Existing Loan Sanctions letters & Loan Statements
    • 4. MOA/AOA/Partnership Deed
    • 5. KYC of Trust and Main Trustee
    • 6. Property Documents